FREE 3 week Facebook for Business schedule

This week was a cool one. We had the opportunity to train a group of local business owners about Facebook for Business, and it was great. I love training, I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when you have an audience like we did on Wednesday, it’s just this great environment to throw ideas around and get a great conversion going.

I’d like to write more about some of the topics we discussed in another blog, but one of the key things we spoke about was the importance of posting quality content.

Unfortunately, I am not a cafe with luscious, mouthwatering goodies that seem to make getting engagement easy. Good content for service-based businesses that will actually get more than one like can be very tough to find.

Let’s face it, we’re boring.

So with the help of Winmill Creative‘s incredibly helpful training video on how to make a weekly meal plan in Canva, I made a 3-week schedule to help plan your posts for a service-based business’ Facebook page.

So here it is: 3 week Facebook scheduling plan

Just to explain a bit:

Current – Something you read that day and that has very recently happened, like a picture from that day, a before and after image etc

Blog/Repost – Something you have found elsewhere or wrote yourself, but something with guts to it.

Informational/informative – I try to make this a video so people can lie in bed at night and watch something interesting that will help them the next day.

Personal – Give your page some life and connect with your followers somehow

Question – Ask a question, engage with your followers.

So that’s it in a nutshell, and that’s all it is, a nutshell. There is SO much strategy when it comes to posting on Facebook in order to ensure you receive that much desired genuine engagement, but this wee schedule is at least a start. If you’re feeling a bit “ugh, what should I post today?” hopefully this can give you some inspiration.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions please contact us, and of course, make sure you follow us on Facebook.

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